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ASH Primary (PreK - Grade 4)

The Lower School years provide a nurturing environment that supports each student as their potential unfolds in light of the Goals and Criteria for Sacred Heart Schools. The children and teachers form a community who come together daily to pray, share, learn, and grow.

The immediate concern for each child is her spiritual, academic and social development and well-being. It is a collaborative effort among the administration, the children, teachers, and parents to ensure positive, growth-producing experiences for all students.

The academic program includes religion, language arts, math, science, social studies, French, music, theater, art and physical education. Technology is integrated throughout the curriculum. Students participate in age appropriate service learning activities designed to provide experiences of reciprocity, therefore benefiting all participants.

In addition to academics other experiences of student formation include liturgies, chapel services, assemblies and athletic programs. These also provide opportunities for recognition of achievement.

Primary Grades (PreK 3 - 4th Grade)

Primary Administration

angela hymel                                    division head

lauren lafosse                              dean of students

charlotte lahaye,    Ed.D, NBCT   
curriculum coordinator

Girls with Servant Hearts

Coastal Roots

Genius Hour

Genius Hour is a student-lead, multi-layered research project based completely on the passions and interests of each individual student.  The student's deep research leads them to create a finished product.  These products include new inventions, videos, websites, apps, experiments, small businesses, and stewardship opportunities.

It's Spirit Week!

A favorite event for the whole school, ASH spirit week is held in early September and kickstarts our Sacred Heart spirit for the year!  Students, faculty, and staff all dress according to each day's theme and each class prepares a skit for the week-ending pep rally!